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Whole-house roof fans and wind roof turbines

Whole House Fans Using Whole-house roof fans with roof wind turbines                                                                       When whole-house fans are used in conjunction with roof wind turbines a temperature drop of 3 to 8 degrees can be achieved within minutes. Wind turbines typically only spin when the wind is blowing or their is sufficient hot …

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Attic ventilation, moisture and hot air

About Attic Ventilation How do you get the moist air in the winter and the hot air in the summer out of your attic? Answer: lots of attic vents. You want to allow the moist air to escape, especially in winter time when the interior of the attic is warmer than the outside temperature. The moisture (humidity) will condense at a cool temperature. The homes constructed today are tighter and therefore trap more moisture and heat in the attic if not vented adequately. Building standards …

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