Roofing grid terminology

Roofing Grid Terminology

Grids have column headings, titles, cells, columns and rows

The grid listed below is the Roof Calculator Pitch and Waste Grid.
It displays totals of the numbers you have entered. The totals are updated as you enter your estimate numbers for Roof area, Hips, Top Ridges, Rakes, Eaves and Valleys
You can open this grid at anytime by clicking the roofing grid terminology icon on the Roof Calculator toolbar by clicking this icon:Open number details
You can drag this grid anywhere and the position will be remembered when opened again
Closing this grid does not lose it’s data.

 roof pitch and waste total grid

Roofing price per square terminology

Roofing Grid Terminology

Terminology used in Price Per Square

These are called tabs: Click any of the tabs below to see details

 Each tab contains a least one grid. The Price Per Square program contains 6 grids. Grids have titles, cells, columns and rows.
The title of this grid is called Roof Removal prices.

This is called a grid:

Roof removal prices