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How roofing squares are totaled

How Roof Calculator Writer Totals Roofing Squares A square is always 100 square feet. Total squares applies to Per square pricing mode. Total squares are calculated like this: Roof Area squares + Ridge squares + Starter squares = Total Squares Ridge squares are calculated like this: Each bundle of ridge is .33.33 square feet or 1/3 of a square. (The 3 you entered above) Starter squares use the same calculation. (The 3 you entered above) What is a roofing square here..

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Using roof templates

Using Roof Templates We have provided a few templates for example. You can rename, edit or delete these templates. Using templates allows you to make pre-determined roofing material types with different material quantity needs. Each template controls the first 8 rows in the Job Cost grid. Each time you make a new template the first 8 rows are added to the new template. All of the data within the red outline will be saved with your template. The green outlined cells are system maintained. The …

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Roof Calculator Writer software versions

Roof Calculater Writer Versions 03-18-2016 Roof Calculator 10.85 released Now works with windows vista and Windows 7 & 8 New Html Email program Code optimized to run faster 11-18-2016 Roof Calculator 10.8 released New easy to use email program. Code optimized to run faster Short-cut double-click material list rows to clear row data. Emailed documents to include name and address in file name. New updated fully illustrated help file Classy Writer and RoofCalculator discontinued as stand alone programs. 11-04-20016 RoofCalwriter 10.7 released Ability toBackup bid …

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Roof estimating software comparisons

Roof Software Roof estimating software comparison Legend: = No = Yes RoofCalcWriter 10.8 contains every feature and does everything in one package ! Feature Classy Writer RoofCalculator 7.1 RoofCalWriter 10.8 Produce a detail material list Month-Year-Calendar Totals Roof Measurements Get an online map Get an online weather report Create and print a price list Add waste for hips and valleys Produce detail pricing Calculate Price Per Square Quick Bid Numbers detail form Roof pitch detail form Add and remove roof pitch Roof Templates Context sensitive help …

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Organize roofing estimates with file saveas

Using File SaveAs to organize your roofing bids As you accumulate a lot of roofing bids with file saveas you can organize your files into folders. Below we are showing some examples. More examples might be a track of homes or a customer you do a lot of work for. Bids are saved by Last-Name-address or Company-Name-Job-Address by default. The bid below is being saved by Last-Name-address. Our software supplies the file name circled below and is filled in automatically. We recommend this not be …

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