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Discontinued roof estimating software

Using Roof Calculator Writer Roof Bidding Software We have discontinued Classy Writer and Roof Calculator as stand alone software programs effective  and combined it into Roof Calculator Writer For customers who purchased these programs we will continue support indefinitely. Why ? 99% of purchases have been for RoofCalcWriter which combines these programs. We have decided that our time would be better spent improving just one product. This will greatly improve the time between upgrades and in the end make more improvements in less time. We …

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Roof Calculator Writer Program updates

Using Roof Calculator and Bidding Software Roof estimating software updates You must be connected to the internet to check for or get program updates. Program updates provides an excellent way to keep your roofing estimating software up to date with the latest features and fixes.   You must be connected to the internet to check for or get program updates. Minor upgrades happen quite frequently and are free. Major upgrades happen less frequently and are not free. To check for upgrades click Tools on the …

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Roof calculator registration frequently asked questions

Roof Frequently Asked Questions Registration Click An Item For Details What is the difference between the registered and unregistered version ? How can I change the registered to: name in the registered version ? I have lost my registration number now what do I do ? I keep getting ” Invalid registration number entered” what do I do ? Are upgrades free ? Can I use the RoofCalWriter program on more than 1 computer ? I am evaluating your software and need more uses, what …

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Roof Software buying guide

Roof Calcultor Software Information Software buying guide Which software should we buy ? With have noticed software for roof estimating is all over the internet, we will provide some tips and information. Every roofer needs different things from software and most specialize in certain types of roofs. For instance a roofer with only a couple roofers who mostly does re-roofing does not need software that keeps tract of plan numbers and lot numbers. On the other hand a large company with a 100 roofers doing …

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