What a roof proposal be supposed to enclose

A roof proposal determines an established cost to which the parties are bound unless it incorporates a statement for concealed harms or for unanticipated code prerequisites.

There are a few sections or the proposal parts that must be available in each roof proposal are given as under:

Cover page: A cover page sets an expert tone for the proposal, and it incorporates a photo of the home, it underscores that reality that the proposal is customized to the custom needs of the home.

Roof Proposal Contact information: This segment incorporates your roofing business contact information and logo, the client’s contract data, and the work site, which might be not the same as the client’s contact information.

Job id # and date: The employment ID is significant in case you’re utilizing it to track and schedule work, and the date can be chiefly helpful if the proposal is justifiable for a specific number of days.

Package: Here is the place you incorporate the subtle elements of the venture, whether that incorporates a shingle tear off, a roof work, or emergency repairs. The package ought to incorporate proposed fixes, for example, material and ventilation, and guarantee, and whatever else specific to the venture, for example, materials that may be imperative for the client.

Roof estimate proposal example

roof estimate proposal supposed  enclose

Roof estimate proposal

Pictures: Pictures are typically the most convincing part of the roof proposal, even if numerous roofers aren’t ready to incorporate them. You can utilize review shots to outline the areas of the rooftop where work will be performed, in view of your assessment. You may even think that it’s helpful to incorporate satellite pictures from Bing or Google Earth. At that point, incorporate detail shots of the greatest number of imperfections as you can discover from your review, and additionally proposed roofing materials.

Roof Proposal Terms and Conditions: Incorporate your standard terms and conditions created by time and experience.

Roof Proposal Acceptance:  Incorporate a standard agreement to the proposal and a place for the client sign and date. With contractual worker evaluating programming like Job FLEX, the client can promptly sign and date the proposal online, enhancing the productivity of the entire procedure and the estimated rate also.

Tips to be noted about roofing estimates

Roof estimates are expected to give you a thought on the measure of cash that is expected to repair your rooftop or displace it when it is harmed. We, as a whole realize that rooftop harms and smash-ups are unavoidable, and at one point, you’ll need it roof repaired.

The issue may worsen if you don’t discover arrangement quickly. A worsen material issue may make you spend more than the sum that you have planned. Here we will have a few points that can really help you get a decent and a precise roof estimate for your rooftop.

Roof Estimating Software Guide

Tips about roofing estimates

Tips about roofing estimates

  1. It is significant that you do your exploration well on material contractual workers. You can either utilize the business catalog to look for top workers or you can check for the answers on the Internet. You may have a few relatives who had their rooftops done in recent times. You can inquire, whether they can prescribe a specific organization to you.
  2. Call each of these contractual workers and ask them for the correct value. Maximum time, roof workers will go to your home to evaluate the degree of the harm and to decide the amount you ought to be charged. They will give you a summary of specific things that they will do to address the issue with your rooftop.
  3. Search for an organization that is consistent and can complete the venture on time. Pick the one that uses the best materials and applies the most recent innovation with regards to repairing and replacing rooftops. Scan whether their clients are happy with the work that they have done.
  4. Inquire as to whether they can bring down the roof estimate and if they can help you work with the financial plan that you have. The great ones will give you counsel on the proper points that should be finished.
  5. Look at the estimated costs before deciding on one organization. Think about the upsides and downsides before you say yes to a specific contractual worker.

    Roof Estimating Software Guide

    Roof Estimating Software Guide

The costs for roof estimate may fluctuate and depend upon the organization that you’ll sign up. You have to ensure that you get the services of individuals who are known in the business for conveying quality administrations as far as repairing and replacing rooftops. In this way, remember these tips to get the best deals around the local area.

Smart way to work with a roof estimate and the agreed contract

Roof estimate and agreed contract

If you are searching for a roofing organization that is good and ready to give you quality supervision at sensible costs, it is essential first to comprehend what are the vital attributes of this sort of organization.
No question, when you have to repair a roof, it can be a hectic and annoying experience. But, if you work with a dependable rooftop installer, it will be a smooth and effortless process. When you start the look for a roofing contractor a portion of the given regulations will help your attempts:

You will have to check if the organization has a real office address or not and in addition a neighborhood telephone number, business permit, and valid insurance. You can even demand to see a copy of the contractual worker’s roof estimates. This will give authenticity to their claim of being a reputable business. When you see their insurance papers you ought to make sure that they have both obligation and specialist insurance, which will offer full assurance for any harms or mishaps that happen on your property.
The roofing contractor you contract is accountable for furnishing you with a roof estimate, in writing, which will plan the given elements:

Find a Roof Contractor

best roof estimate contractor

best roof estimate contractor

– The cost of work
– The materials that will be utilized
– Any warranty information or ensures that are presented
– Estimated time of fulfillment for the venture
– Clean-up and transfer techniques that are utilized for materials

Best Roof Contractor Find

Best Roof Contractor Find

In most cases, a great guideline is to get three offers before settling on a contractual worker. Though, remember that the minimal roof estimate is not the best alternative. You have to thoroughly examine all parts of the agreement they give, including the materials they plan to utilize and the technique for transfer they will utilize. Additionally, you just need to make an initial installment of roughly 10% of the aggregate cost, with the rest amount being due when the rooftop is finished to your satisfaction.


Knowing the attributes of a quality and expert roofing contractor will help you pick the best one for your picky needs. A discounted cost could mean the contractor is compromising, along these lines the best buzzword you can utilize is to give careful consideration to the paperwork you sign as well as the genuine work that is finished.

New roof calculator writer

New Roof Calculator Writer

We have improved all our programs and put them into one package. Get a material list by entering a
few numbers. A couple clicks enters your predefined price per square and your total price is produced.
Click another button and produce proposals, invoices, change orders, certifications and letters.
All documents and roof measurements are saved to one file.

In just a few minutes and few clicks all your roof measurements are totaled and a
material list is produced. A few more clicks and complete roofing proposal is produced
with your custom letterhead.

Go Roof Pitch Calculator

Roof calculator writer options

Using Roof Calculator Bidding Software

Roof Calculator Writer Options

The options dialog provides a way to use settings on every roof estimate
Open options button Open options from this toolbar button option toolbar button or from Options on the Tools menu

The options dialog provides a way to use settings on every roof estimate The options dialog opens having six push buttons. Each button opens and shows different options.

Personal button

Enter your personal and/or Company information.

taxes, overhead,profit

Taxes, Overhead and Profit
These options only applies to Detail Pricing
This screen contains the following:
Material sales Tax : (Optional)
Enter a tax rate for roofing materials (if you add state tax to materials) Detail price will add this amount to your total material price. No tax will be added if left unchecked.
Enter the rate as a decimal eg: .0775 = 7.75%
OverHead-Profit : (Optional)
What you enter here will be added to your roofing detail price.
Enter the rate as a decimal eg: .14 = 14%
Labor-Payroll-Tax: (Optional)
You could add all your payroll taxes together. eg:
Workmans comp .41+ SS= .0765+Sui= .012 = .4985
Enter the rate as a decimal eg: .4985 = 49.85%
This will be added to your roofing labor.

Waste rounding

Waste and Rounding
This screen contains the following: Round roofing bid prices up to next full dollar.Eg:$4231.27 would be $4,232.00.
Round roof material Units up to next full unit . Eg:
12.54 rolls felt = 13 rolls
This applies to creating a work order in Per Square Pricing and Material Detail Cost in Detail Pricing mode.
Round roof Total Squares up to Next full square Eg:
35.47 squares = 36 squares
This only applies to Per square Pricing.
Adding waste to roofing roof area squares for Valley, Hip and Rakes (Optional)
The amount you enter here will be added to your roof area squares.
Eg: If you entered 60 into the valley waste, then 100 / 60 = 1.67 squares will be added for 60 ft of valley.
Rakes and hips are calculated the same way.

maps weather

Maps and Weather
You must be connected to the internet to get an online map and weather report. Select the weather and map provider you want to use. Enter your Cities name and select your State from the drop-down state combo-box. The RoofCalculator program will use this information for a weather report and map directions
Choose from Google weather, yahoo weather or Weatherbug.
Choose from Google maps, Yahoo maps and Mapquest. For a map the Address entered into your estimate will be used along with the state you enter. If no state is entered in your estimate your default state will be used. If no address is entered it will use your default city and state.

Misc tab

Select your font for underline typing and also check the option to check for program updates on program start
Note :
You must be connected to the internet to check for program updates.

File backup-restore

File backup or backup restore
Here you select you can manage file backups and restore to a Usb Flash drive.

Roof Calculator Writer software versions

Roof Calculater Writer Versions

03-18-2016 Roof Calculator 10.85 released

  • Now works with windows vista and Windows 7 & 8
  • New Html Email program
  • Code optimized to run faster

11-18-2016 Roof Calculator 10.8 released

  • New easy to use email program.
  • Code optimized to run faster
  • Short-cut double-click material list rows to clear row data.
  • Emailed documents to include name and address in file name.
  • New updated fully illustrated help file
  • Classy Writer and RoofCalculator discontinued as stand alone programs.

11-04-20016 RoofCalwriter 10.7 released

  • Ability toBackup bid files to a Usb Flash Drive with a button click.
  • Ability to Backup data files to a Usb Flash Drive with a button click
  • Ability to have automatically backup data and bid files as they are changed or created.
  • Form to ideas or recommendations and send by email thru our email server
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Discontinued RoofCalculator and Classy Writer as a stand alone. Read more

09-16-2016 RoofCalwriter 10.6 released

  • Minor Improvements to many areas

07-06-2016 RoofCalwriter 10.5 released

  • Ability to save items in Labor and Misc/Other grid for future use
  • New columns added to Misc/Other and Labor grids that calculates and totals numbers entered.
  • Ability to open your saved roof removal prices from Misc/Other grid in Detail Pricing
  • Ability to add Squares, Hips, Top Ridges, Rakes, Eaves and Valleys calculations from Misc/Other.  and Labor grids in Detail Pricing by right-clicking
  • Ability to open your saved labor prices and enter them by clicking the numbers
  • Ability to add squares in Labor and Misc/Other Grids by double-clicking the Units column
  • Option to check for program updates on program opening
  • Option to view and select the fixed width fonts on your system for underline typing

6-11-2016 RoofCalcWriter 10.4 released

  • Added 5 new fields to document markers
  • New helper window added for entering document markers
  • (Changed) If information for document marker is not supplied, marker is erased.(Marker will not show on printed documents)
  • Ability to add or type into underlined fields
  • Right-click anywhere in Paragrah and Sentence manager to enter todays date
  • Ability to add sentences to any location
  • Ability to add saved sentences to all documents (Not just proposals)
  • New popup calendar for entering future or past dates anywhere in your documents.

05-22-2016 RoofCalcWriter 10.3 released

  • Bug fixed where saving documents was freezing some systems
  • Bug fixed where email button was freezing some systems
  • Changed the way options were being used from saved bids
  • Added Name and address fields to writing a letter
  • Added the ability to add sentences anywhere in a document
  • Added the ability to add sentences to any document (Not just proposals)

04-22-2008 RoofCalcWriter 10.1 released

  • New print routine added to RoofCalculator main screen
  • Ability to add paragraphs to saved proposals

03-21-2008 RoofCalcWriter 10 released

  • Many small features added

03-21-2008 RoofCalculator 7 released

  • Added ability to create a detail material price list
  • Ability to do detail pricing or per square pricing
  • Option to round your bid prices up to the next full dollar
  • Option to round your material units up to the next full unit
  • Option to total your squares up the next full square
  • Option to add waste to your squares for valleys, hips and rakes
  • Added more fields to quick bid and the ability to save materials used often
  • Handy for adding materials you use on every job
  • New program updater to get the latest software updates with just a click
  • Print your pricelist, your detail costs and work orders
  • Get an online map to the address on your bid with just a click. (Choose from 3 map providers)
  • Get an online weather report to your location with just a click.(Choose from 3 weather providers)
  • Two new fields added to your address book. (Personal and Suppliers)

08-04-2007 Classy Writer 3.5 released

  • Document rulers for document layout for both top and bottom
  • Change the paragraph left and right indent margins by sliding the margin indicators located on the ruler tool bar
  • Word Wrap, Three different styles of word wrap
  • Print Preview, See how your documents will look before printing
  • Print Layout support, Header, footer support along with paper size, margins, etc
  • Recent files, To conviently open the last 8 files you have used. The last file you have used will be at the top of the list
  • HighLight selected text any color
  • SuperScript/SubScript For that special text layout
  • Format Painter To easily copy text formating
  • Insert symbols, Choose from over 200 symbols to insert
  • Date and or time, Choose from 14 date-time formats
  • Capture pictures Special bonus snapshot or lasoo pictures or portions of pictures from anywhere
  • Insert Tables, Set the number of rows, columns, column width, center the table
  • Quick Squares Calculator to quickly total squares
  • Multi-Function Calculator A handy multi-function calculator for calculations
  • Optionally enter the totals into Classy Writer

06-02-2007 RoofCalcWriter 9.1 released

  • Combined New RoofCalculator 6.4, Price Per Square and Classy Writer into one program

05-12-2007 RoofCalculator 6.4 updated

  • Bug fixed where duplicates were being added to address book

04-29-2007 RoofCalculator 6.4 updated

  • Ability to add and remove roof pitch at anytime
  • Quick Bid form, when entering roof measurements is un-needed
  • Added templates for different roofing types
  • Added numbers detail form to compare actual bid numbers
  • Added pitch and wasted detail form to view how much is added for waste and roof pitch
  • Ability to save and recall all bid numbers (not just totals)
  • Added new viewer window to aid in editing Job Cost grid
  • Added floating Price Per Square window to aid entering price per square
  • More roof pitches added 2/12 to 24/12
  • Improved Print layouts
  • Added ability to add roof prices to Email body with just a click
  • Added ability to open email from main screen
  • Context sensitive help to get help on the currently active item
  • All new toolbar buttons
  • Price Per Square headings can all be changed
  • Added roofing felt grid to Price Per Square
  • 3 Popup calculators added to Price Per Square

09-04-2006 Classy Writer 2.1 released

  • Added Spell Check
  • Added Undo
  • Added Redo
  • Added select all

09-13-2004 RoofCalculator 5.1 released

  • Original RoofCalculater created and released

Roof Calculator and Price Per Square

RoofCalcWriter 10             All credit cards
  New ! Version 19, release date: February, 2017  

roofing proposal and roof proposalAll programs in one integrated package.
 We have improved all our programs and put them into one package. Get a material list by entering a few numbers. A couple clicks enters your predefined price per square and your total price is produced. Click another button and produce proposals, invoices, change orders, certifications and letters. All documents and roof measurements are saved to one file.

   RoofCalculator 6.5             
   Version 6.4, release date: October 8, 2016   

RooFCalculator 6.4 New RoofCalculator 6.4 + New Price Per Square
We have improved both of these programs and put them into one package. Get a material list by entering a few numbers. A couple clicks enters your predefined price per square and your total price  is produced. See all your numbers entered in detail.


Classy Writer

Version 3.5, release date: October 8, 2016  

Classy writer  Create and print beautiful professional proposals, invoices,
change orders, roof certifications and letters. Fast and easy
to use.  All parts of your documents are fully customizable.
Insert pictures, word art, your logo or anything you can copy
and paste. Comes with an book that emails


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