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The Hip Roof, its ridge and rafters and its framing

Among the couple of trendiest roof designs, hip roofs if not trendiest are a design. It does not stop at adding architectural lines to a house’s design, but also presents additional defence from the natural elements to windows, walls, and doors, on being framed with a liberal overhang. It moreover lends additional to the constructional veracity of a residence with its supports binding to every four corners and wall of the construction. Features of hip roofs A hip roof can be termed somewhat more intricate …

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Set up Green Roofs for saving the Environment

Setup Green Roofs for saving

Numerous buildings that include industrial set ups are currently growing plants on top of the roof. It puts in to the feeling of aesthetics while also contributing to the surroundings. Plants as well as bushes are grown above water resistant sheaths above the roof. This helps in protecting the walls and roof against damage from moisture. The sprinkling systems and water drains are designed in view of that. Green roofing of Chicago and of additional states on a national level are becoming more and more …

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Roof Design Considerations

Roof Pitch is the number 1 factor in roof design A roof with a 12/12 pitch that looks aesthetically pleasing can add as much as 50% or more to the initial cost of a roof when compared to the same house with a 4/12 pitch. Why does a steeper pitch add so much to the price? We are going to compare a 12/12 pitch to a 4/12 pitch. 12/12 has 37.5 % more roof area 12/12 roofing labor is 50 % + per labor per …

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