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Ventilation of Hip Roofs

hip roof ventilation

Ventilation of hip roofs happens to be something that all roofers must do at some time or other. As a result of the short ridge lines of such roofs, their proper ventilation in a modish style is able to be fairly difficult. A number of problems that could come up when trying for the ventilation of hip roofs is able to be that there’s possibly not sufficient exhaust ventilation. An attic room of 1,200 sq. foot requires Cobra Exhaust Vent structure of 17′. You could …

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Attic ventilation, moisture and hot air

About Attic Ventilation How do you get the moist air in the winter and the hot air in the summer out of your attic? Answer: lots of attic vents. You want to allow the moist air to escape, especially in winter time when the interior of the attic is warmer than the outside temperature. The moisture (humidity) will condense at a cool temperature. The homes constructed today are tighter and therefore trap more moisture and heat in the attic if not vented adequately. Building standards …

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