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Context Sensitive Help

We have made our roof estimating software very easy to understand and use. We do not feel you will need help, but if you do all of our roof estimating software comes with a fully illustrated and detailed help file. To not have to search thru a lot of non-related topics we provide context sensitive help.

Context sensitive help allows you to go right to to the help topic for the task you are currently working on, by pressing F1 on your keyboard.

Technical description of context sensitive help:
Context-sensitive help is a kind of help that is obtained from a specific point in the state of the software, providing help for the situation that is associated with that state.

Example 1:
If you click on the job cost grid and press F1 a topic specific to the job cost grid will open.

Example 2:
You click on any textbox and press F1 a topic specific to the textbox you have clicked will  open. Or click the roof pitch dropdown and press F1 and help will open to the topic on roof pitch.

Example 3:
Open any other screens eg: address book, email, etc press F1 and a topic specific to that screen will open.

You can also get help from any toolbar buttons Help buttonHelp index and search

Or you can also open the help index or search help from the menus.

Walking on roof pitches

Roof pitches that can be walked

Roof pitches you can walk on

Do not attempt to walk on these roofs on any pitch !
Moss on a roof that is wet from dew or recent rain.
Frost, snow or ice on the roof

What roof pitch that can be walked on can be determined by many things. Including the following:

Clean and dry soft soled sneakers are usually the best.

Roofing material type
Many materials give better foot grip than others
Concrete tile comes in many textures and designs.
Slate tile is smooth and more slippery than shake tile that has a rough surface

Roofing material condition.
Worn roofing materials can affect on your footing (especially composition shingles with loose   granules) or wood shakes that can be worn and loose and may slide out.

In this example we will use the most widely used roofing material in good condition:
Composition Shingles
Roof Pitch 3/12 to 6/12
Can be walked easily

Roof Pitch 7/12
Can be walked easily, but with caution

Roof Pitch 8/12 to 10/12
Can be walked, but with extreme caution and not advisable.

Roof Pitch 12/12 and above
Cannot be walked on

See Visual Examples of roof pitch: Here
How to determine your roof pitch: Here

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