Roof Price Per Square or Detail Pricing

Roof Calculator Per Square Pricing or Detail Pricing ?

If you want to create a precise bid right down to the penny then use detail pricing. If you want to create a faster bid, then use per square pricing. Both methods allow you to create a bid by typing in your measurements and totaling your quantities.

pricing method

From the main screen click your selection here.
The selection here determines your pricing method. Selecting detail pricing and clicking the felt check mark button opens your detail pricing screen. Selecting Per Square Pricing will allow you to open your work order screen. Your bid calculations should be entered first to allow copying your quantities and prices to be selected from your price list for detail pricing. If in Per Square pricing mode then your quantities will be added to your work order.

Per Square Pricing
Choose this selection if you want your roofing bid price calculated by a price per square.
You can enter your price per square three different ways:
1. By typing in the price directly into the Job Cost Grid.
2. By clicking the PerSq Icon in the Job Cost grid. This will open your floating price per square. You can then click any bottom icons to enter your price per square. Clicking two buttons will also enter your optional price per square. More on this floating price per square: here.
3. Calculate the price by using the calculator from the top menu. Select View or CTRL-Y
Open detail pricing Clicking this icon select pricing mode allows you to create and print a work order by selecting items from your price list.

Rounding Total Squares only applies to per square pricing method.
Set in Options

Click for largerJob cost grid

Roof Calculator backup files

Using Roof Calculator Writer Roof Bidding Software

Usb Flash Drive Backup

flash drive

We have made it easy to keep your data safe by providing a means to copy your data to a Usb flash drive with just a button click.
Another button click restores your data.
Simply plug in a flash drive into your Usb drive and click the backup buttons.
Selecting overwrite changed files will only overwrite files that have changed.
If unchecked all files will be overwritten.

Automatically Updating
Selecting Automatically update files means the bid files (estimates) and data files you create are also saved to your Flash drive. Whenever you create or change a file the file will be in 2 locations:
Your desktop and your flash drive.

Backup files imageNotes: Buy a Name brand flash drive (We like SanDisk) Does not have to be U3 compliant.
Bid files are estimates or bids the you create with the RoofCalWriter program.
Data files are files that are used each time you use the RoofCalcWriter program.
These include Material price list, Price per Square prices, Job Cost Templates, Your address book etc

  • You will be warned if you do not have a flash drive plugged in
  • You will be warned if your flash drive is out of usable space.
  • Folders are created on your flash called BidFileBackups and FileBackups.
  • You cannot have two flash drives plugged in that contain these folders at the same time.

Other uses Usb Flash Drive:
Install the RoofCalWriter program on a laptop and transfer the files to your desktop with a button click.
Install the RoofCalWriter program on your home computer and copy your bids there.
Backup other data you have on your computer.
* The Roof Calculator program must be installed using the download setup program to other computers.

Steps to take after your computer has died and your system is back :
Download the run the RoofCalcWriter setup program. Click the restore bid files button. Click the Restore data files button. (Uncheck the Overwrite changed files) You are back just like nothing happened.

Roof calculator registration frequently asked questions

Roof Frequently Asked Questions Registration

Click An Item For Details

  • What is the difference between the registered and unregistered version ?
  • How can I change the registered to: name in the registered version ?
  • I have lost my registration number now what do I do ?
  • I keep getting ” Invalid registration number entered” what do I do ?
  • Are upgrades free ?
  • Can I use the RoofCalWriter program on more than 1 computer ?
  • I am evaluating your software and need more uses, what can I do ?
  • Where can I purchase your software ?
  • Can I get CD copy of the software?
  • I have purchased the software and found it does not fit my needs, Can I get a refund ?

Answers Registration FAQ’s
Q: What is the difference between the registered and unregistered version ?
A: There is no difference the unregistered version has all the features of the registered version

Q: How can I change the the registered to: name in the registered version ?
A: From the main toolbar click tools, register, a form opens with your name. Delete this name and enter a new name. You will also need to enter your registration number.

Q: I have lost my registration number now what do I do ?
A Email us with your purchase information and we will send a replacement.

Q: I keep getting Invalid registration number entered what do I do ?

A: If you are sure you are entering the number exactly as you received it. Then the most likely cause is you have downloaded and installed a different program than you purchased.

Q: Are upgrades free ?
A: Minor version upgrades are free. Major upgrades are not free. Registered users can upgrade for about 1/2 the price of the new program price. A major version starts with a full number like 6 a minor version is the full number plus a “.” and minor version number. eg: 6.4 The 6 is a major version and the 4 is a minor version. Major versions need new registration versions do not.

Q: Can I use the RoofCalWriter program on more than 1 computer ?
A: You can use the RoofCalWriter program on up to 5 computers

Q: I am evaluating your software and need more uses, what can I do ?
A: Send us an email at and will send you a file allowing more uses

Q: Where can I purchase your software ?
A: To open our buy web page. Click here

Q: Can I get CD copy of the software?
A: Our software is for download only. Email us an email at sales@roofgenius.comand we will send a cd, after you have purchased our software

Q: I have purchased the software and found it does not fit my needs,Can I get a refund ?
A: Within 30 days after purchase you can get a refund. We will send instructions on the steps you need to take.

Roof Software buying guide

Roof Calcultor Software Information

Software buying guide

Which software should we buy ?

With have noticed software for roof estimating is all over the internet, we will provide some tips and information. Every roofer needs different things from software and most specialize in certain types of roofs. For instance a roofer with only a couple roofers who mostly does re-roofing does not need software that keeps tract of plan numbers and lot numbers. On the other hand a large company with a 100 roofers doing tract work does, but both roofers can use a address book to enter information for repeat customers.

We will start with what every roofer has to have to do a roof estimate.

  • Easy to use. (Most roofing contractors are not computer wizes)
  • A place to enter the customers name, address and contact information
  • A place to enter roof measurements. The software needs to total these measurements into something useful
  • A way to determine how the measurements display meaningful information Eg; 20 feet of valley = 2 pieces
  • A way for the roofer to determine and change how measurements do calculating
  • A way for a roofer to enter and pre-set prices so the software will calculate a bid price
  • A way for a roofer to change the name of the item being calculated Eg: 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 dripedge to 2″x 2″ dripedge etc
  • Flexible, to allow a way for the roofer to figure any kind of roofing material
  • A way to save the estimate with a meaningful name with little effort Eg: Smith 167 Oak
  • A way to print the estimate with meaningful information
  • A simple way for a roofer to find and recall the bids
  • A easy way for a roofer to get specific help on anything at any specific item

Policies of the company or website selling the software

  • Can you try it before you buy ?
  • Can you get a full no questions asked refund if you are unhappy?
  • Are upgrades free?
  • How are updates obtained?
  • Is this the last version of the software?
  • Can you use the software on more than one computer?
  • What are the response times to emails?
  • What other ways can they be contacted?
  • What are the business days, hours?

Experiences we have had buying software-services on the internet

We bought some software a few years ago that downloads your whole website with just a button click for $29.95. We were not given the option to try it before buying. We thought this would be great for backing up our entire website. After using it we found that it only copied pages with an extension of .htm and most of our pages are .asp pages. We contacted them by email wanting a refund. After a couple days we received a reply saying too bad.

We have determined that software vendors that sell software cheap with no recourse if unsatisfied count on people like us to just forget it rather than hassle trying to get satisfaction for a small amount of money. We have had a couple other similar software buys and have received the same response or no response at all.

A small portion of our software was made with software purchased from other companies. eg; Software to create help files, software that creates setups that installs our software on users computers. These are very good.

Our policies for buying services software on the internet. Try it before we buy. We send them a couple emails asking some minor questions just to determine their response times to emails. Full day is too long and over a day is totally unacceptable. One company responded in 10 min. We asked another question and got a response in 3 days. We now will not buy anything without trying it first or if we get slow responses.

Our information: We answer emails usually within an hour, never more than 6 hours 7 days a week 9am to 11pm. We offer free downloads and a 30 day full refund no questions asked guarantee. We urge everyone to try it before buying.