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Using roof templates

Using Roof Templates

We have provided a few templates for example. You can rename, edit or delete these templates. Using templates allows you to make pre-determined roofing material types with different material quantity needs. Each template controls the first 8 rows in the Job Cost grid. Each time you make a new template the first 8 rows are added to the new template.

All of the data within the red outline will be saved with your template. The green outlined cells are system maintained. The divisor column divides your total feet for roofing squares, hips, top ridges eaves, rakes and valleys.

Managing Roof Templates

New roof template:
Type a descriptive name in the templates box and click the save icon.

Delete a roof template:
Erase the name in the template box and click the save icon.

Rename a roof template:
Type over a name in the template box and click the save icon. When saving your templates your bid information is also saved along with your template.