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  • Roof Pitch – Adding Roof Calculator

    How Roof calculator add roof pitch If you are climbing on roofs and measuring the actual roof you will not need to add for roof pitch. If you are measuring from the ground or measuring…

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  • Roof Calculator Pitch and Waste Details

    Roof Calculator and Roof Pitch Open your pitch and waste reporting window. The Calc Details window shows details of the totals of roof measurements you have entered. You can drag this window to any position…

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  • Composition shingles Roof ridge on rakes

    Using Roof Calculator, Roof Bidding Software Roof Ridge On Rakes   The ridge on rakes has become very popular and is specific to composition shingles. If the Ridge on Rakes checkbox is checked your rake…

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  • Roofing Materials Auto fill

    Auto fill Roofing Materials detail cost This feature provides a fast and easy way to total up roofing detail costs. It works like this: The program searches for items in your roof material price list…

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  • Price Per Square or Detail Pricing

    Using Roof Calcultor Writer Roof Bidding Software Per Square Pricing or Detail Pricing ? If you want to create a precise bid right down to the penny then use detail pricing. If you want to…

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  • New roof calculator writer

    New Roof Calculator Writer We have improved all our programs and put them into one package. Get a material list by entering a few numbers. A couple clicks enters your predefined price per square and…

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  • Roof Calculator Classy Writer new features

    Creating Roof Calculator Documents New Features We have added many new features to aid in creating Custom Proposals, Invoices, Change Orders and letters. Screen Capture Camera. Get pictures from anywhere to enter into your documents.…

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  • How roofing squares are totaled

    How Roof Calculator Writer Totals Roofing Squares A square is always 100 square feet. Total squares applies to Per square pricing mode. Total squares are calculated like this: Roof Area squares + Ridge squares +…

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