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Roof pitch to degrees equivalents

Roof Pitch Degrees

Roof Pitch to Degrees Equivalents and Roof Pitch to Angle Calculator
This drawing demonstrates how many degrees rise for each pitch of a typical roof.

Look at the column labeled pitch, then look under degrees to get the corresponding amount of degrees. Example; 8/12 pitch = 33.75 degrees.

Roof Pitch to Angle Calculator (enter pitch in the first box – calculation is automatic)

Roof Span: ft. in. Roof Rise: ft. in.

Roof Pitch = / 12¨

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Roof pitch degrees equilvents

Measurement of your house roof pitch is one of the most important things while constructing pitched roof. You have to pay higher cost for steeper pitch. So you must roof calculate the pitch very carefully and correctly to know about the cost that you need to pay. If your house roof is built with multiple pitches, then square per roof must be calculated differently. For this you can take help from roof pitch factor chart.Another option that is available for you in finding the pitch factor for your roof is to find roof pitch calculator online. There are many websites which are offering this facility. You just need to go to roofing website and there insert the required information and they will tell you your roof pitch factor. So these are the two ways in you find roof pitch degree for your roof.