Roofing sheet metal lip bender

Using Roof Calculator, Roof Bidding Software

Hand Held Portable Roofing Sheet Metal Lip Bender

This 18″ Sheet Metal Lip Bender is the easiest way to bend a lip on sheet metal
For folding sheet metal with a uniform fold

Suggested Uses:

  • Make counter flashings for brick chimneys and stucco
  • Bend a lip on valley metal
  • Join 2 pieces of metal together
  • Make existing metal wider by adding a piece
  • Installing sheet metal duct work
  • Bend lips on plumbing pipe jacks
  • Bend lips on any roofing heat and fan vents
  • Bend lips on dormer vents

Bending Sheet Metal

Handy sight gauges for accurate depth alignment
Sheet Metal Bender sight holes

Join 2 pieces of sheet metal with a uniform bend
Join Sheet Metal

Folds 3/8″ and 1″ depths
18″ overall length for easier hand folding
Sight holes for proper depth alignment
Black powder-coated low carbon steel to resist rust
18″ L x 3-1/4″ W x 7/32″ H

Lip bender Specs


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Roofing grid terminology

Roofing Grid Terminology

Grids have column headings, titles, cells, columns and rows

The grid listed below is the Roof Calculator Pitch and Waste Grid.
It displays totals of the numbers you have entered. The totals are updated as you enter your estimate numbers for Roof area, Hips, Top Ridges, Rakes, Eaves and Valleys
You can open this grid at anytime by clicking the roofing grid terminology icon on the Roof Calculator toolbar by clicking this icon:Open number details
You can drag this grid anywhere and the position will be remembered when opened again
Closing this grid does not lose it’s data.

 roof pitch and waste total grid

Auto fill roofing materials

Auto fill detail cost

This feature provides a fast and easy way to total up roofing detail costs. It works like this:
The program searches for items in your Material price list that match the materials in your job cost grid. When matches are found the are added to your Material Detail Cost and get totaled.
The totals are calculated like this:
Units from the Job Cost grid times the price in the roofing Material Price List.
Enter your roof measurements into the RoofCalWriter main screen then open detail cost. material price list

To open Detail Pricing click this button: Open detail pricing

Clicking this button will look at materials the Job Cost grid and find matches in your saved price list and calculate a total for each item found. Add from job cost button
See example below:
Material detail price

Important !
The wording between the Job Cost Grid and Price List Grid must match exactly or it will not be added and calculated. You can then continue adding materials by clicking the price list or typing them in manually.

If the Job Cost Units column contains no units the item will not be added. The same method is used to create a Work Order when using Per Square Pricing, although no prices are copied.

Roof bid number details

Using Roof Calculator Writer

Roof Bid Number Details Form

Compare this report to your written numbers
To open the number details window click this tool bar button Open roof numbers detail

The Number Details window holds all of the individual numbers you have entered. These numbers are exact duplicates of the numbers you have entered from your written numbers
Use this as a check list and compare these numbers to your written numbers
You can drag this window to any position and it will be remembered.
Closing this form does not loose it’s data

Roof bid numbers

Ever come up a couple square short on a job and wonder why?
The easiest place to check is to compare this report to your written numbers.

Roof Calculator Writer Program updates

Using Roof Calculator and Bidding Software

Roof estimating software updates

You must be connected to the internet to check for or get program updates. Program updates provides an excellent way to keep your roofing estimating software up to date with the latest features and fixes.


program updates

You must be connected to the internet to check for or get program updates.

Minor upgrades happen quite frequently and are free.
Major upgrades happen less frequently and are not free.

To check for upgrades click Tools on the top toolbar on the main screen.
Select program updates from the Tools menu. The program updater opens. If you are connected to the internet the software you are using will be compared to the online version, you will see the results of the comparison. Click the read details for update features. Click the Download free update to install this update.

If a new free minor version is available:
Then click the download button and it will be downloaded and installed.
If a new major version is available :
Major Versions are not free. Click the buy button to buy this software. After you purchase the upgraded software, you will be instantly emailed the unlocking number. Enter this number in box provided. Click the download button.
Save any unfinished work
when upgrading your software to prevent it from being lost None of your saved work or settings will be lost. After your new software is downloaded it will be open automatically. The software you are using will be renamed with a .backup extension.

Possible Problem:
If the program does not connect to the RoofGenius website, your firewall may be blocking the connection.

Roof Calculator Detail Pricing

Roof Detail Pricing Helper Windows

Data Entry Helper Windows (Detail Pricing mode)

Helper windows are pop-up screens that aid in entering data when making a roofing bid

Roof Material Detail Cost Helper Window

For instance from the Material Detail Cost, Misc/Other and Labor grids you can select a cell in the units column and right click to add the units for squares, hip ft, top ridge ft, hip ft, valley ft., from your bid. The Grid is totaled and your total price is updated.

Material Price list

Misc/Other Grid

Click this icon Click to open helper window to open this helper window:Misc/Other helper window
Clicking the save Icon will save any data in the description column and will be available for future use. Clicking the Removal Icon will display your saved roof removal prices:
Labor grid
Clicking any number will copy the number to the rate column and the grid calculated. Clicking the Add OSB will copy the units of OSB to the units column of the selected row. If OSB is not found in your Material Detail Cost you will be notified: “Osb not found in your Material Detail Cost”

Always select a cell before opening helper windows so the data is added to the correct row.

Other helper Windows
Work Order helper window
Main Screen helper window

Roof Calculator Program Overview

Roof Calculator Software

Roof Calculator Writer Description

Roof calculator + Classy Writer + Price per Square combined into one program.
You can use all the features of Roofcalculator to calculate your numbers and all the features of Classy Writer to produce custom Roofing Proposals, Invoices, Change orders, Certifications and letters. One program does it all.

RoofCalculator 7 + Classy Writer 3.5 = Roof Calculator Writer 10.8

Notes on these images:
The Classy Writer and Roofcalculator forms shown are built into Roof Calculator Writer.
The Roof Calc Writer above is shown with the Quick Bid feature open.
All our roofing software combined into one. All the features and methods of RoofCalculator and Classy Writer are available in RoofCalcWriter 10.
Price per square is no longer a stand alone product. It is combined into Roof Calc Writer.

For details on all the functions, methods and features included is a fully illustrated help file

Managing your roofing price list

Using Roof Calculator and Roof Bidding Software

Managing Your Roofing Price List

  We have added many helpful calculators to aid in entering data.
Different screens use different calculators.
The Price List we have provided is for example only .
Replace with your roofing material descriptions and prices.
Your roofing price list is classified into sections.
The example below shows the Metals-Flashings section. You can delete, make new or rename these sections as follows:

1. Rename a section: Delete the name and type in a new name and click the save icon . 2. Delete a section: Delete the name and click the save icon. 3. Make a New section: Click the Clear Icon then Delete the name and type in a new name and click the save icon In all cases the message box below will confirm your action. Notes: You cannot edit or rename the section “All Materials” You must have a least one section other than “All Materials”

Roof material price list

The refresh button is used to refill your saved list if desired. When adding items from your price list to your Material Detail Cost they are removed from from your Price List (Not permanently) as to avoid duplicates being added.

Confirm action dialog