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Benefits of Green Roofing

Usually conventional roofing is planned to discharge water as early as possible from the roof plane. On the other hand, green roof in reality seizes the water on the roof plane. For this purpose, the installation charges as well as the maintenance cost of green roof is much higher than the ordinary roofs. In spite of the higher installation and maintenance cost you would consider green roof for its advantages.

The profits for the building/house:

A distasteful municipal building/house roof can twirl into an interesting and pleasing roof by installing a green roof. The green roof not only added interesting features but it can also have added artistic value to the building/house. The green roof also presents several fiscal benefits. Generally, the conventional roofs have membrane on the roofs. The membrane constantly attracts Ultra Violet rays from sun and for which the Ultra Violet rays break down the facade of the roof. As a results the roofs getting cracked and causing leaks. On the other hand, green roofs present a defensive layer which prevents harm from the sun.

Benefits green roof
Benefits green roof

This can make twice the life of the roof and get back the preliminary added setting up cost. The other profit of green roof is that it endows with a thermal layer, which keep the building heater in winter and cooler in summer. In recent time period the local government become conscious about the profits of green roofing. Many local governments present financial encouragement to make and use green roof on the buildings/houses.

The profits for the environment

The traditional roofing resources soak up the sun’s ultra violet rays and release them as high temperature. This makes the house to a greater extent hot. This effect can continue till the night. The air temperature much more high at night due to this effect. On the other side green roof cannot soak up the heat rays so the building/house become much cooler than the traditional roofing. So, the need of air conditioner may be condensed in hotter climates. In single sentence it can be said that green roof makes the air much cooler in the building/house. Green roofing not only prevent the air temperature but it can be helpful for flood prevention.

benefits green roofs
benefits green roofs

Enormous areas of traditional roofing avert the natural drainage of serious rainwater. On the other side green roof soak up between ½ -3/4 percentage of rainfall and it also discharge it back into the nature. These disappearance processes also cool the building.
These are the benefits of green roof.