Aluminum versus Wood Shake Roof

As a homeowner you’ve greater option in suburban roofing materials than you had ever before. Items vary from conventional wood shake to state-of-the-art aluminum and offer just the appearance preferred, even as offering desirable protection. A straight comparison of aluminum and wood shake roofing is able to supply you with important information regarding both roofing types.

You’re subsequently able to make use of this information for making a decision amid the couple of roof coverings, guaranteeing that you’ve the material that fits you and your residence the most.

Good Aluminum Roofing

An Aluminum roof is a long-term, hard-wearing roof covering matter that can offer fortification to your residence against snow/ rain for a maximum of 50 years with slight roof repair required.

Aluminum roofing’s offered in numerous styles that cover the gamut from panels with lengthy seams that pour out muck and water from the roof of yours to customary-looking shingles/ tiles. Aluminum can moreover be made to impersonate additional roofing material forms, using diverse colors as well as textures to bear a resemblance to wood shake / slate tiles.

aluminum versus wood shake roof

aluminum versus wood shake roof

Amongst the diverse metal roofing materials, aluminum’s amongst the easier materials for installing. Its light weighing material and this makes it fast to position and typically does not require any alteration in roof decking/ the roof’s structure for support. Actually, numerous homeowners discover that there isn’t any need for tearing off their older roofs at the time of installation of an aluminum roof. The pristine material is able to be placed above older roof forms. The aged material plays the role of an underlayment for further water resistance.

On considering the truth that aluminum is able to occasionally slow the extending of fires right through the house, aluminum roofing could be at the top part of your inventory of roofing alternatives.

Wood shake roofing

aluminum and versus wood shake roof

aluminum and versus wood shake roof

This is a more conventional roofing sort compared to aluminum. This is a material that includes wooden shingles that are textured that have been cut out of logs and produced to a steady size of typically 18/ 24 inches lengthwise. Shakes that are textured are normally fashioned out of cedar, with untextured versions being fashioned out of pine. Redwood and Cypress and trees are also made use of for creating shakes.

Picking among aluminum and wood shake roof isn’t complicated if you’ve a definite appearance in mind and are familiar with the differences among the couple of material forms.

Metal Roof Colors and Designs

How to select metal roofing colors and designs

Are you looking for new metal roof? If yes then you are surely in search of some of the best designs and colors for your metal roof. If this is so, then you need to make sure that the color you choose for your metal roof, must match with exterior design of your home. It is definitely a challenging job to combine, different textures and colors but at the same time it is very exciting as well. This way while selecting metal roof colors and designs you can express your own taste, style and personality. In case if you think that you do not have the talent in aesthetic field, then it is recommended to hire services of a professional who can help you in coloring and designing. But if you can do it on your own and have some interest then don`t hesitate in expressing yourself.

Before moving forward there are some important points that you have to consider, like if you are creating a new exterior design, then it is important to imagine the entire landscape, before focusing on individual details. You must decide about the paint that you have to do on windows, doors and walls of the house. You should also decide about the type of fence, flowers and plants you wanted to have in your garden. After deciding on all these you will be able to select the metal roof colors and designs for you home to give elegant look.

Best designs and colors for your metal roof

metal roof color and designs

On the other hand if you just need to repaint an existing roof, or wanted to install new metal roof the task become much easier. You require painting your roof with color that matches your rest of exterior colors. You must not forget that, coloring your roof can be a game changer which can improve or depreciate existing look of your house, like, if you have use simple yet elegant style for your home exterior and electric color of your roof can spoil the whole look.

If you ask the experts regarding metal roof colors and designs, they can give you suggestion to go with neutral colors. You can use whit, light bronze, warm brown or beige as these can give classical noble look. Another option is to go for green roofing, as it will blend with trees in surrounding and give great look. In case you are living on beach or near lake, then you may use delicate azure blue for your roof.

metal roof colors paint charts

metal roof colors paint charts

You may also go for brighter colors if you can combine these artistically to your existing exterior design. In case you are having a commercial building then you have more choices available where you can play with colors.
One of the important things that you should consider while choosing metal roof colors and designs is that light colors are reflecting the heat while dark colors do vice versa. So when you are deciding on colors of your roofs, you must keep in mind the specific purpose for which this roof is being used. Depending on the purpose, you can select light or dark colors.

Walking on roof pitches

Roof pitches that can be walked

Roof pitches you can walk on

Do not attempt to walk on these roofs on any pitch !
Moss on a roof that is wet from dew or recent rain.
Frost, snow or ice on the roof

What roof pitch that can be walked on can be determined by many things. Including the following:

Clean and dry soft soled sneakers are usually the best.

Roofing material type
Many materials give better foot grip than others
Concrete tile comes in many textures and designs.
Slate tile is smooth and more slippery than shake tile that has a rough surface

Roofing material condition.
Worn roofing materials can affect on your footing (especially composition shingles with loose   granules) or wood shakes that can be worn and loose and may slide out.

In this example we will use the most widely used roofing material in good condition:
Composition Shingles
Roof Pitch 3/12 to 6/12
Can be walked easily

Roof Pitch 7/12
Can be walked easily, but with caution

Roof Pitch 8/12 to 10/12
Can be walked, but with extreme caution and not advisable.

Roof Pitch 12/12 and above
Cannot be walked on

See Visual Examples of roof pitch: Here
How to determine your roof pitch: Here

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Tips of How to Shingle a roof

If you are looking for roof construction on your house and you have choose a shingle roof style and now looking for how to shingle a roof, then you will surely get good idea after reading this article. There are two common patterns that are used, so you have to decide which one you wanted to go for. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages as well. Following is the brief information about both types. You will be in a better position to decide about the pattern you wanted to go for after reading below.

Racking Method

Placing the roof shingles in columns is known as racking. You can see that this method is very old even since the use of shingles. This is used for making a straight line because shingles will only look good if these are placed in straight line. If it is not then it doesn`t give a good look and even your neighbor can find the defect with one simple look. So to keep shingles straight you must go for racking as it can help you to eliminate any defect in alignment with next column.

tips how to shingle a roof

tips how to shingle a roof

On the other hand manufacturers don`t like this racking method, they will tell you to go for stair step method because in that if there is any little variation in colors and shadings it is less apparent.
Another thing that you have to be careful is about your building control rules. Racking is a popular method, but it can bring some issues, as the manufacturers asked you to go for stair step method and they issue instructions specifically for that method, so if you go otherwise it can cause problem for you. For this it is better to check with your local roofing inspector before going for racking method.

Stair Step Method

The biggest problem that comes with how to shingle a roof is stair step method is that it becomes very difficult to keep shingles aligned. The best solution for this problem is to go for architectural shingles which are also known as laminated or dimensional. These are specifically designed to be placed in stair step method.

An added advantage that you can have with these architectural shingles is that these are bigger in size than normal shingles. It means that you have to spend less time on their installation. Further these also not have side gaps, which is a real drawback of normal shingles because they start wearing out from this place.
One thing that you have to be careful is to read the instructions on the wrapper and follow these strictly. It doesn`t means that if you cannot use these vertically so you can use these in any which way. If you don`t follow the instructions then you may face problem while installing them. You must also be sure of nail placement so that these are installed properly.

So now after reading about both manners of how to shingle a roof, you may be in a position to decide about the best one for yourself.

Flat Roof Pitch Construction

Flat roof pitch a workable option

If you are considering replacing your old roof or looking to construction a new one, you must make a decision after considering all the important aspects. If you have a flat roof pitch before which you wanted to convert into a pitched roof or vice versa, you should look at different options likes, cost, design or style and maintenance as these can help you in making your decision. You can also take advice from your local construction experts who can easily tell you and guide you for the best possible option. Flat roof and pitched roof both looks stylish and beautiful but your main focus is about the durability of your roof because it is one part of your home that can protect you from severe weather conditions. You must select a roof that can stay strong without requiring replacement and frequent maintenance. Following are some of the main points on which you can compare flat roofs with pitched roofs.

Flat roof pitch constructionFlat Roof Construction Effectiveness

First thing that comes to your mind when you start constructing anything is its cost. Same goes for the roof construction, you can find many roof cost calculators online where you can check the cost effectiveness of flat roof pitch as well as pitched roof. Other than this you can also consult any local contractor in your area as he can also provide you near to exact cost of both the roof types. One thing is for sure that the flat roofs are more affordable as compare to other roof types. The only thing that you have to make sure is that your flat roof was built so effectively that it doesn`t require lots of maintenance during heavy rains or other severe conditions.


If you are living in an area where there are not long rainy season then you should go for the flat roof pitch. This type of roof will remain strong and stable as long as you provide it regular maintenance. But in other case if you are living in an area where there are lots of rains then your choice should be pitched room as it has slopes which don`t allow water to stand on the roof. This type of roof also not allows moisture on roof.

Flat Roof Maintenance

No matter you go for flat roof pitch or otherwise you have to provide regular maintenance to your roof otherwise it will get damaged. In case you haven`t done repair for long time then you should expect leakage and drainage problems and sometimes the condition become so worst, that repair will be no longer an option. Maintenance of flat roof is easier than pitched roofs because of the flat surface.
So after comparing above factors it is recommended to go for a flat roof pitch in those areas which are not prone to excessive rains and high winds. For others it is better to go for hip roofs to tackle wind and rain for better drainage and water flow. You have to choose the one depending upon your area`s weather condition.


Most common roof problems

Roof problems cause a disturbance and are obviously a pain. A lot of money and time is spending on this. Manpower is also needed due to this.

Some of the roof problems are given below.

  • Poor installation

If the installation is poor then a number of problems are found. A problem in the installation can easily decrease the lifespan of the roof. So the installation is to be done correctly. One of the important steps in the installation process is to measure the roof pitch degrees correctly. If this step is done accurately then such installation problems won’t be there. Roof pitch degrees is the measure of the ratio of vertical height and the horizontal length. The area after installation should be cleaned and dried properly.

  • Lack of maintenance

It can be a major issue. The roof needs to be cleaned up on a regular basis. Minor issues lead to major problems. The roofs should be maintained and water or other dust particles should be cleaned.

  • Leaks and moisture

Leaks can be caused due to various reasons. If a proper moisture barrier is not installed under a coping cap on parapet walls leaks can take place. Leaks can take place if the membrane is itself terminated. Leaks can be also caused if single ply membrane roofs are installed with poor seams.

Most Roof Problems

Most Roof Problems

  • Safety

The installation of the materials needs strict observance to safety measures. If asphalt is overheated then it can lead to burns. Fire extinguishers should be present as the procedure. All the guidelines should be followed nicely.

  • Surface erosion

Surface erosion can be a major problem. Blistering, ridging, splitting are some of the problems. Voids are sometimes caused. Severe blistering is caused when the fitting of spray polyurethane foam systems is done, when recovered over a wet substrate. It can lead to major issues.

  • improper roof repairs

When the roof is repaired some points are to be kept in mind. If some materials are applied on specific roof types that are not meant for it a permanent damage is caused. That is, if a six-gallon bucket of plastic cement is applied on a single ply membrane, the membrane will get damaged. Hence, some important points are to be kept in mind when roof repairs take place.

Advantages of a roof pitch

Various types of roofing are available nowadays. Generally, there are two different choices when planning and construction are considered. The two types of roofing are flat roofing or the pitched roofing. The roof structure is the main component which depends on a number of factors.

Roof Structure and Roof space

Roof Structure Advantages

Roof Structure Advantages

Roof pitch is of much importance. Pitched roof has got two slopes. The two slopes meet at a point which is the peak point. The pitched roof is constructed in such a way to use the plenty of space that is available in the loft area. The area can be used up for various purposes. It can be used up for storing the unwanted materials which can be needed afterward. Space can be also be utilized as an additional living space such as a study o a playroom. The kind of roofing system provides the kind of plan and flexibility that a flat roof cannot offer. In a flat root, no extra space can be utilized in such a manner. The roofing depends on is different is different places. In northern Europe, steeper roofs are found as to avoid heavy snowfalls.


advantages roof pitch

advantages roof pitch

Lifetime investment

Building a house is a lifetime investment and the investment should be done upon the right materials, the materials that last longer. The most commonly used roof pitch is the asphalt shingles which is widely used. Asphalt shingles are weather resistant and very much durable. The different types of pitch used are the asphalt shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing etc. In the kind of roofing system, the rooms are better insulated and rooms are not affected by the changing temperature. The factors should be kept in mind before choosing a roofing system because the investment made is for a lifetime. Flat roofing has got a lifespan of only 20 years whereas pitched roofing if build in a proper manner can easily exceed that.

Everything natural

The kind of roofing helps to retain a sense of character and individuality. Installing pitched roofing means that the building can be blended into the rest of the area in the matter of an extension of even to the neighboring buildings. Those mentioned above are the few advantages of the pitched roof.

Purpose of roof pitch

Purpose Roof Pitch

In a building process, roof pitch is of much importance. It is a numerical measure of the steepness of a roof. A roof is of two types. It may be flat or a pitched one. A roofing material named thatch is sometimes used which is very old. It requires a very steep pitch which is needed for a proper drainage.

Some also have a stoning pitch that is restrictive. If the pitch is too low the roof can leak. Some shingled roofs which are steep to walk require a staging of planks.


A roof pitch is depended on a number of factors. Some of them are the roofing material, walkability etc. A critical factor is a proportion to the building as a whole. In some architectural styles, the pitch is steep as in the Gothic architecture whereas in some architectural styles the pitch is low as in the Classical architecture. The gambrel roof is of a different type. Here, the pitches are combined to form distinctive roof shapes. The roofing material should be used such that it leaks doesn’t take place.

Purpose Roof Pitch Chart

Purpose Roof Pitch Chart


The main purpose is to redirect water and snow. The pitches are different in different places according to the need. As in tropical regions, the roofs found are steeper. Gabled roofs are found in the northern part of Europe to avoid heavy snowfall.

Roofing Materials

Asphalt shingle is the most used roofing material and a low budget material. Asphalt shingles have got various styles and colors and are durable. Asphalt shingles are made up of fiberglass in between asphalt and ceramic granules. Most of the people use this type of roofing material. It is suitable for a wide range of temperature and also easy to install. It lasts about 20 years on average which depends on the area the person lives in. Other materials such as slate and tile, metal roofing can also be done. Slate roofing is made up of various compositions; clay, rubber or asphalt, plastic or polymer. It can sometimes crack or fade and is a bit sloppier than asphalt shingles. Metal roofing is available in steel, copper, alloy strips, aluminum which are available in various shapes and textures. Copper is the most expensive here. Eco-friendly roofing options are available such as the green roof.