The reasons that lead you to choose metal roof

Over the past decade, metal achieve its popularity for metal roofing. But you should know that why this type of roofing? There are some benefits that you can get when you are using metal in your roofing. Actually, it is more superior one than any other roofing.

May never need replacing:

The main benefit of choosing metal roof is its longevity. Most of the other materials used to build roof need to be replaced almost within 15 to 20 years and that also depend, on where you live. Even in the worst weather conditions metal roof can last for 50 years or even more. So this proofs that if you install metal roof then you don’t have to think about replacement of your roof again. There is no need to do repairs or maintenance every year because it requires little or no repairs.

the reasons you choose metal roof

the reasons you choose metal roof

Highly resistant to weather:

To all types of weather conditions metal has high resistant power. Basically, the metal will never allow water penetration. Water simply runs off from this. The people who live in a snowy area can easily slide off their roofs so heavy snow could not build up. It is also resistant to heat. It is also can withstand high winds without any damage. All over the world, this makes the metal ideal one for your home.

Energy efficient and eco-friendly:

Now a day most of the metal roof is painted with special paint and this is the reason of reflecting the sun rays. It makes the roofs energy efficient incredibly in summer and also in hot climates. You would not paint it regularly because most of the companies offer the roof paint that lasts for almost 25 years. So your roof can be energy efficient for many years.

A metal roof is also eco-friendly. As because metal roof may last for at least 50 years so you don’t have to replace it for many years. So this is very healthy for the environment. It reduces a huge amount of waste every year.

Actually, if you go for metal for your roof then the value of your home may increase just because of its longevity and hassle-free maintenance. Let us go through the list of benefits if you choose a metal roof. It may never need to be replaced often. It has low maintenance. It is weather resistant. It is also energy efficient. It is environmentally friendly. Due to its longevity, it increases the value of your home. For all the above-discussed advantages everyone can go for metal roofing.

What is roof truss calculator?

What is roof truss?

During construction or renovation usually, roof trusses are fabricated from wood and frame house roofs. To construct the rest of the roof there are different types of trusses to support all the other materials. They provide support and distribute the load to the exterior walls. There are different types of trusses that are commonly used.

Different types:

types of roof trusses

types of roof trusses

Bowstring roof trusses:

Usually, bowstring trusses are large and arched. Just like aircraft hangars and warehouses buildings have a weight that is supported by the bowstring trusses of the roof. These types of buildings need little open space. With metal sheets or other materials for the outside roof, there are multiple beams that build an arch. From such types of roofs, water runs off easily. For other types of trusses, there is actually no need for a ridge cap.

Duel pitched trusses:

The design of the standard triangular truss is like two sides slope up to the apex that is of the above along with the struts that are leading down from it. To make up the base of the triangle they are attached to a horizontal beam. Struts are also known as upper chords. These upper chords are of various lengths. It makes the off-center apex. For support, this allows plenty of unobstructed open space by poles.

Gambrel Trusses:

In appearance, gambrel trusses are just like the barn roofs. Generally, there are two types of upper chords. One is longer than the other. Just like the dual pitch variety, they meet at the apex of the truss. There is sufficient space for the living room because of the steep sides. This can be used as an attic for storage purpose. To include an upper floor under the roof a gambrel roof truss allows this for your home. For large windows, there is also an extra room that has a brighter and attractive appearance inside the room.

Why is roof trusses needed?

In the early days, housing construction roofs are made of cheap methods of old building. For a specific building, this is an expert choice to choose the best from the various types of roof trusses. You have to choose to depend upon the requirements and needs. But after few years they began to collapse or even break due to the natural environment, in which rain is the main problem. There are different roofing methods that are actually made for the lasting of the roofs. A roof truss is a designed that can be suitable for any houses and it protects your roof. A truss is more durable and energy efficient than other roofing methods.

Roof Truss Calculator

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How to find a responsible roofing contractor?

The Roof is the something important for your home. It is just like the crowning glory of your home. It is the strongest protection against the elements. You just need something that is built for not only lasting but also to attract and make your home more beautiful. For quick and best result, you need roof contractors.

Harsh Weather:

Why are roofing contractors so important? To withstand all the forces of nature you need a roof. You know who can understand about the materials that can go into your roof to last longer. Along with this, you need to cope up with rest of the houses in your living area and simply get what types of roof you want.
With all the above aspects a roofing contractor will able to help you to build your desirable and suitable roof for your house. You can find roofing contractors online as there are a number of options you get to search for your desired one. From online search, you can get the contractor who can give you the best value for your money and will run away leaving you roofless.

Roofing associations:

There are many roofing contractors among them most of the roofing contractors also belong to roofing organizations. These organizations are bound by strict standards and guidelines. They can showcase their association of roofing contractors if they do well in their roofing job. If they do not work well then they can ruin the reputation of their association of roofing contractors. From getting good roofing jobs they keep the other contractors within the association. Roofing association will help you to get a contractor as there is a lot of pressure to do well to make you confident.
There are so many roof brokers operators which have almost over five hundred roofing contractors with roofing experience and working experience. They can know well about the suitable type of roofing.

What should you demand from your contractor?

You should do more research on the roofing contractors after finally get a contractor. To get a clear view of the roofing contractor’s that work on roof quality and ethics ask them for their previous companies with whom they work before. You should check that the roofing contractors have an appropriate working license and also city licenses. Just make sure that you will get the best value for your investment. You should also require the job to be done in proper time by the workers.
You need warranties as well as guarantees on your roof, so just do research and go for the roof contractors that can meet your requirements that are roofing needs and budget.

Different types of roof materials

Different types of stylish eco-friendly roofing materials

It is known to all that roof is an important part of your home durability, appearance, and maintains the capability to cope up with harsh weather conditions, which includes sunlight, rain, cold, strong winds, and sleet. By preferring eco-friendly materials nowadays people are also searching for the environment aspect to improve their home environment. Depending on the roofing preferences there are some great effect on other home aspects that includes heating, cooling, durability, and maintenance. If you want to install an eco-friendly roof on your house, there are lots of different types of roof materials and color. Based on your preferences you can choose from different materials which have various features, cost enabling, and durability.

Recycled shingles and slate tiles:

Recycled shingles are the most popular eco-friendly roofing material. This type of materials is created from the waste materials that can be recycled like rubber, wood fiber, and plastic. Maximum of these materials come from industrial waste and clean consumer waste. The recycled shingles are very attractive in appearances as well as very durable. To protect the environment, the recycled shingles, give benefit by reducing waste that goes into the landfills. To extract raw materials theses shingles, reduce the energy and pollution consumption that is needed. Theses materials are so durable that it can last for almost 50 years and sometimes more than that.
Slate tiles are eco-friendly roofing materials. These materials are popular among the people who are interested in durable roofs that need low maintenance. Slate tiles have different types of roof designs. The slate is very durable but it is very expensive also.

Clay roofing tiles and metal roofing:

Clay roofing tiles are stylish as well as durable. It is also having a lifespan of over 50 years. The clay tiles also have versatile appearance. It has excellent capability of fire resistance and good insulation value. Clay roofing is very expensive to afford but actually it is a smart investment. In hot weather climate clay roofing tiles are very popular.
Metal roofing is also eco-friendly materials. For your home it is the best green materials. These materials are mainly made from materials that are recycled. They are of different types that are ranging from aluminum to steel and copper. They are actually very lightweight material and durable also.

Rubber roofing materials

“Rubber roofing materials”

Rubber roofing:

Rubber shingles are mainly created from old steel-belted radial tires. These are also eco-friendly materials that gain popularity day-by-day. This rubber roofing materials are come in different colors and textures. It is made from ground slate coating. There are advantages of using rubber roofing as it has long life ability with 50 years of warranty.
All the above roof materials are eco-friendly that becomes popular among the people who love nature.

Construction of your roofing repair

Repairing of your roof is an important part of your roofing construction

Repair of a dripping roof

A roof that is leaking is as strenuous and discomforting for the dwellers of the house as the bank balance of the homeowner. A leak can be identified by spotting the damp and brown patches that are formed on your ceiling or attic. No sooner than you notice some sort of dampness on your ceiling, you must take immediate action in order to mend the roof. The biggest mistakes that you can commit pertaining a roof repair is by ignoring the fact and procrastinating the fixing that particular roof to some other date and time. Any sort of delay in reversing the condition is capable of causing vital damages to the complete framing structure and that will cost you an arm and a leg in order to remove the rotting frame. Routine inspection can help put a check on such situation long before it aggravates into a significant roof repair exercise.

Importance of roof repair contractors

In order to get a complete inspection done for the roof of your houses, you must get the services of some professional roof repair contractor. The best time to get it done is spring and autumn fall. Fixing of a leaking roof in proper time would assist you in saving huge amount of money which would have otherwise been spent by you on replacing the leaking roof. The roofing specialists are capable of identifying several kinds of roof leaks and they are adept in coming up with the best way to solve the problem.

Construction of your roof repair

Construction of your roof repair

Causes and remedy of leaking roof

Some of the most common causes and remedy for roof leaks have been discussed here. The number one cause of a leak in the roof is faulty flashing. It happens because of some terrible job done while tying the flashing details when the installation of the roof has been done. Mostly improper height or insufficient use of the foundation flashing plies causes the problem of leaks. To fix the same, you must get your flashing repaired by a professional contractor. He is capable of taking care of the rusty flashing that will become a matter of worry for the homeowners in future. These can be repaired quite easily by clearing off the rust and repainting them. One other important reason for leaky roofs is dried up and blistered caulking that helps water to seep through the cracks to the foundation of the roof and start dripping.

This can be repaired with the help of some asphalt cement in order to close the cracks. And for the roof repair caused because of leaks due curled and cracked asphalt shingles, there is no other option other than going for a replacement of roof unless the damage is held together into a few pieces.

Different types of flat roofing systems

Flat roofing advantages and disadvantages

Those days are gone when building roofs used to be made from thatch or straw that is easily available. In these days to make durable roofs combination of best technologies and latest advances are used. A roof is important as it protects from the elements. With some unique characteristics, there are different types of roof. It includes pitched, low-pitch, or flat. In design flat roofing is almost perfectly horizontal.

Why are they so popular?

Usually, this type of roof has a slight slope. It helps to drain off the snow and water easily. This roof is easy to build and can last for centuries. Stagnant water that is accumulated on the roof caused leakages. These leakages can be contained by gravel and tar. But at present days this types of roofs are made from rubber and polymers materials. In comparison to commercial building, these roofs are suitable for the residential buildings. They can be unstable regarding the size of the building. This roof may easily develop cracks to a large amount of activity.

Different types of flat roofing systems:

There are mainly three t ypes of flat roofing systems. They are built up roofs, modified bitumen, and membrane roofs.


  • Built up roofs: This is a traditional tar and gravel roof. Basically, it is the layers of waterproof material with hot tar layers in between. Built up roofs are attractive to look it and it is less expensive than membrane or bitumen roofs. But this types of roofs are very heavy than others. If there is a leak, then it is difficult to find out. To carry the excess weight, it may need structural reinforcement.
  • Bitumen roofs: As a wear surface it is a ply rolled roof. This used mineral as a topcoat. This modified bitumen is moderate in price and it is lightweight also. But this type of roofs wears less resistant rather membrane systems.
  • Membrane: It is also known as rubber roofs. It is very durable. It has a resistant power to protect tearing and sunlight damage. It is lightweight and can be easily repaired. It is also easy to install for homeowners also. But it is costly than other two systems.

Common flat roofing problems:

The common flat roofing problems came from poor maintenance. Flat roofing need periodically inspection for damage, cleaned, and repaired. One should check the functionality of waterproofing and insulation properties. Due to poor maintenance fungus, leaks, and roof moisture are the most visible problems. For poor insulation, roof lead to leaks and flooding from heat and melting ice, snow respectively. These types of roof are more prone to deterioration and destruction of the gutters, downspouts, flashings.

installing Pyramid Hip Roof

Advantages of installing Pyramid Hip Roof

When it comes to roof styling, there are lots of options available to choose from. Pyramid hip roof is one of those options that are best suited for small sections of building or small structures like, pool houses and garages. For a pyramid roof, the slopes are downwards to the wall and depending on size; it has three or more rectangular faces. Number of faces is also dependent on the design chosen by the owner for any particular structure. The slopes of this kind of roof structure are gentle as compare to other roof types. So if you have start thinking on having this kind of roof structure for your garage then you must want to know its advantages as well. So following are some of the main advantages that you can get by installing pyramid hip roof.

Advantages of Pyramid Hip Roof

Wind Resistant

There are several factors that seem to be very attractive and appealing when it comes to the installation of pyramid hip roof structure. Mostly hip roof structures are preferred in those areas which are known for high winds. So once you install hip roof on your house then you don`t have to worry a lot about the maintenance and frequent repair because these roofs are wind resistant and don`t allow winds to cause serious damages to your roof or building. Other than this following are some more benefits that you can derive from hip roofs.

Natural Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important factors when it comes to construction of building. The main reason is that your energy bills will depend a lot on your house insulation facilities especially during severe hot and severe cold season. Pyramid hip roofs can provide you excellent insulation facilities because there are eaves all around the building which will create natural insulation. Having these roofs your room temperature will remain stable during even extreme weathers which results in saving heating and cooling costs.

Excellent Drainage Capabilities

This is one of the best advantages that are offered by pyramid hip roofs. You can see that mostly houses having low pitch roof or flat roof surfaces are facing the problems of water drainage. Drainage can not only cause damage to your roof but also create serious problems in other sections of your house. So, if you don`t want to face any such problem then you must go for hip roofs. The reason is simple, these roofs have gentle slope that don`t allow water to stand on the roof. As soon as water gets to these roofs it will drain away automatically within no time, hence not allowing any drainage.

So these are some of the advantages that you can get by installing pyramid hip roofs. If you are living in coastal areas or areas where there are lots of high winds and rains, then there is no better option for you then to go for hip roofs. So stop thinking of other roof styles, just start installing hip roofs before severe weather effects your house.

Metal roof cost vs. asphalt shingles

A different way of looking at metal roof cost

If you are considering installing a new metal roof on your home or wanted to replace an existing one, you may be asked by your friends to compare its cost with asphalt shingle roof. When you start comparing the two you will find a huge difference in cost, metal roof is much expensive than asphalt shingle. But when you look at this comparison in another way you will find that metal roof cost effectiveness is not in its material but other related things. To understand it further you must read this article till end and you will find the cost effectiveness of metal roof.

When you go to market for purchasing roofing material asphalt appear to be a bargain. It comes at around one third of metal roof cost. To make it more attractive the manufacturers also slapped warranty tag which states for twenty or more years. So all those who don`t understand the difference were told that the performance of both asphalt and metal roof is similar at the fraction of cost. With the passage of time, warranties are serving as a marketing tool than quality display. When a customer purchases a warranted product, he imagines that the company is standing firmly behind its product for specific time period. But the small print out of terms and conditions makes it difficult for consumer to understand the warranty claim. It is not that all the warranties are not dealing fairly but there are some that take advantage of customer ignorance.

metal roof vs asphalt shingles

metal roof vs asphalt shingles

When you do some more examination of warranties, you will get to know that shingle warranties are absolutely not covering their claimed life period. Further they will also not payback you the initial amount of product, even if they claimed your warranty. Further labor cost, initial installation and replacement cost is also not covered.
Another thing that the homeowners face while comparing asphalt to metal roof cost are ignoring the environmental effects. You may face some of the harshest conditions like, rain, hail, scorching heat, snow, sleet, tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires. With worsening of these conditions you will see asphalt shingles failing to protect your home. Most of the times asphalt shingles need to be replaced after severe weather conditions which will increase maintenance and replacement cost.

On the other hand metal roofing is most reliable for impact resistance, fire protection, and wind resistance, setting some high standards, which is not match able by any other roofing material. In case if replacement and maintenance costs are removed even then, metal roof is more beneficial as it can help in energy conservation. You will start recovery of your amount that you have spent on purchase of metal roof in shape of savings from cooling and heating your home.

If you compare just cost of purchase of metal roof than it is defiantly on the higher side, but when you know about some other benefits that you get by purchasing metal roof, you will be satisfied as these are much more than any roofing material. Further you have to spend much less for maintenance of your metal roof as compare to other such material which is another advantage.