Make roofing counter flashings

How to make roofing counter flashings

Sheet metal lip bender

Make self gripping counter flashings with this sheet metal lip bender. Cut the stucco or brick at a 3/4″ depth using a abrasive or diamond blade. Bricks can also be cut at the mortar joints. Bending the sheet metal.

Step 1
Bend a 90° lip using the 1″ side of the bending tool

Bend sheet metal 1 inch

Step 2
Bend a 45° lip using the 3/8″ side of the bending tool

Bend Sheet metal

Finished Bend

sheet metal bent at 45 degrees

Step 3
Tap the counter flashing into the cut in stucco\bricks using a block of wood to avoid denting the metal. Specifactions Folds 3/8″ and 1″ depths 18″ overall length for easier hand folding. Sight holes for proper depth alignment.
Black powder-coated low carbon steel to resist rust 18″ L x 3-1/4″ W x 7/32″ H.


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